My Motivation

My man has started a new chapter of his life. I'm proud of him. while he is gone what am I to do? sit around and wait? um no. I want him to be just as proud of me when he comes home as I am of him!! I want to have a nice six pack be in good shape and have something new accomplished. I know my man loves me and will take care of me. but we are in this together. he is my motivation. he won't leave me behind be just gained the bestest workout partner ever me!!!! I might just smoke him when we run that 2 miles :) I love you baby <3
babykrystal babykrystal
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

me too! just got my gym membership and I'm like when I'm lonely or missing him I'll hit the gym i should be super skiinny by time he comes back I'm sure I'll miss him often!

I have the same goal! I don't want him to be able to recognize me really when I get there! haha My bf is really into overkill, works out EVERYDAY its crazy, and I just want to be nice and toned when he sees me!

we all do have alot in common lol :)

seriously! lol

this is cute! I'm tryn to get my body right too before I see my boo! I don't want him coming home to no out of shape gf when he'll be in the best shape of his life! lol

that's what I'm saying. it's going to be summer time when he get done to. my man already conceited and I know him well enough to know he going to show off walking around the beach with no shirt on having all these girls drooling lol..... he going to cover up because he gon want all of me too be covered lol jk. I miss my handsome man

I miss mine too!....they'll be in our arms again before we know it!:)