Countdown Time :(

So i had to say see you later to my fiancé today thinking he was be back in March after bct however he have to do AIT all at the same places full out no coming home and no weekend together evwhen he go to AIT....This is like ugh because its hard for me to fall asleep without him and with this we, had to push but our wedding :( is anybody boyfriends,husband or fiancé at ft. Benning ??????
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Mine is at Fort Benning!:) He graduates from AIT in March though because he's been there since November...when does your man graduate?

from BCT in March from ait in may do you know what Facebook PG i can like to stay on top what he's doing?

well I recently found my bfz fb page...I literally pt in the search engine on fb "Fort Benning"...and if you know the company and number tht ur bf is in....mine is in Delta some of the individual pages will pop up and u can just look for it. But I did found the page where they post pics of all the diff companies in fort benning! heres the link just look for the first letter of your bfz companys and then it will have pics of the diff activities they do, I found a couple of my bf, itz really cool! And make sure you look for the acronym of ur bfs company and number..for example mine is D119:) Good luck..hope this helped!

i put in the same thingbut i can`t find him for anything ugh this sucks in i have to wait until his grandma get it then tell me i just wish i could just find it on my own...but thanks will look at it finger cross ;)

ur welcome! good luck to u and ur soldier:)!

thanks so much

he called last night ;)

awww yayy!!! I doubt mine will call soon bt I should be expecting a letter any day!:)

Yea he said he still waiting to go to bct that Friday is when they get their and yesterday was the only time he had to call not sure if he would be able to today but it dont stop me from wishing just might get a call because i though i would have to wait two more and yea getting a letter is the best

Yeah. I know my bf is almost done with Basic soon and he'll go right into hopefully once he makes tht transition he'll be able to give me a quick call and let me know:)!

yea see my faince` bct and ait is all at ft benning so that`s like a yes for me just because its a hour away from where we stay in albany so thank god he`s not that far its like dang he so close yet so far just because of the not been able to talk to each other ;) in that good i`m ready for his bct to be over lol...lonely night sucks

At least hez close tho! I'm all the way in Cali so I'm just excited to be in the same time zone with him when he graduates!:)

lol well on that note yea yours way worst then mines....

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