Do You Have A Bf At Fort Benning In Georgia! Look What I Found!:)

So I was doing some intense fb And found this page! It's basically a page where they have picz of soldiers at basic training! All you have to do is pt in the first number of your guys company and then the number of which group he's in and wallah! I found like a couple picz of my bf and It's so awesome to see picz of what they are learning and what they're doing in the field. I loved seeing my boo do his thang! It looks so awesome seeing him with a gun or grenade...but kinda scary at the same time...just know you can't copy or save the picz b/c they are copyrighted:( Hope u find ur men as easily as I did! Mine has been there since November 16, So I'm sure if your guys nt pictured he eventually will be depending on if he's done with reception or not!
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What group is your solider in at Fort Benning?

Delta 1-19:)

Gotach mine is Echo 5-15

Does anyone know anything for Fort Jackson, South Carolina? I've been doing some of my own intense researching! but no LUCK! booo.. I'm guessing that I'm just gonna continue to look and search. If anyone knows anything, let me know! Please :)

OMG! Yes. My boyfriend, is currently doing basic in Fort Jackson, and that will be where he does his AIT to. Your so lucky to live so close. I'm in Texas. I didn't even know they send them to there for MEPS and to ship out. I've been trying to find information out about my boyfriend because I have not heard any information of his unit, Graduation date or address, and I know that typically they are allowed a phone call in the first 72 hours. But I've got nothing. So I'm still playing that waiting game. I think I would feel alot better if I got his address because then I would have a sense of peace knowing I'm sending him his letters and he's eventually getting them and reading them and knows how much I love him. But soon, His mom and me are giving it till tomorrow night and if we haven't heard anything she's going to call the reception to see what is up.

I would defiantly switch places in a heartbeat! Just to be close! Lol.

YES! lol I that's how I see it haha.

My best friend is at Ft Jackson. If you know his unit, you will be able to find pictures form his unit on facebook. the links are through the ft jackson bct website :) his mom and I are going crazy stalking the photos :)
We didn't find out his unit or anything until after he got out of reception and into training. They are allowed to call the NOK with the info so it should go through his mom.

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Glad to see I am not the only girlfriend who has done some intense ft benning facebook stalking! My boyfriend just recently left so he should be starting basic soon. I hope to see him on there. Thanks for the link!

yeah it might take a couple of weeks! but you should see a couple of pics of him on there once hez gone through reception and everything!:)

I haven't gotten my bf's address yet, so Idk his company, all I know is that he is a cav scout, so I have no idea if he is even in any of those pictures because he hasnt been there long, but I keep looking through all of them anyways! lol

Yeah well my letter didn't say said like...DCO...which was apart of i'm guessing thtz the acronym for Delta Company...I kind pieced it together...cuz he nvr told me tht was his

haha yes probably, I didn't find anything, but he has only been there for a little while so they probably don't have many pictures yet