Do You Have A Boyfriend In Texas At Lackland Afb??

My boyfriend is in Texas for the Air Force and graduates march 14! He got there January 15! The days are going by slow but there is a FB page that is very helpful as well! Anyone else have a boyfriend there?!
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it's been a week and I haven't heard from my boyfriend he's in the airforce in lackland and I'm extremely anxious and worried he's going to forget about me

I got my call yesterday! At exactly 3:24 pm! 12 days after he left! And then today I got my first later! AMAZING feeling! I thought the same thing! That he was going to forget me but he actually called me instead of his parents and also wrote me and said "Tell my parents...."! So he's using his time to write me and I feel so great about it! I feel like now that letters will be flowing that it will go by faster! Write everyday!!!!! I have been doing that and when he called yesterday he said he was so thankful that I was because it was the only outside communication that had beside once a week phone calls

I have a boyfriend in Lackland! He left the 8th and I know what page you're talking about! There all from December though! I want them to update them lol

I wish mine did leave the 8th cause then another week would be down! lol he JUST left :( and yes I wish they would update them as well! But ive read a lot of the stories on them about basic and what to do and the tricks about the day passes they get so that helps. When did you get your first phone call?

Well he called me on Sunday to give me his address. That convo was extremely short. Then he called me Wednesday and I missed them because my phone was on silent and I was also in I'm hoping hell call me tomorrow! He will call soon don't you fret! This experience is very hard but in my eyes very rewarding. It teaches us independence, which I think a lot of young women lack now-a-days. I also think it shows how motivated our men can be to provide a better life for themselves and hopefully us in the future. :)

I am PRAYING that it is tomorrow! I would give anything just to hear his voice. It will really make my entire week! I have such a long week next week and if he doesn't call I know I will miss his call! And it'll kill me!

I know me too! :)

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Hi i don't have a boyfriend thats in the airforce but I do have a husband in the navy. He just left for his basic training on the 15th and he is (suppose) to graduate march 15. I would love to know the facebook page. This is really going by slow and its nice to talk to people who kinda understand what im going through.

It is called USAF Basic Military Training. I think that it is primarily for the Air Force but I am sure that there is also a page for the navy! It is going by SOOOO slow! I am hoping that it speeds up after this week and I hope that they are busy enough that it is going by faster than my week has gone. I am hoping for a phone call tomorrow! I would love to hear his voice and just to know hes okay would make my week by far great! Good luck to you!

Thank you! Its really nice to talk to others that understand this. I have been told so many different things but im hoping that he will get to call me or send me a letter in the next week. I think that it will help with all this. I worry about him everyday and i would love to just get some news that everything is going as planned and just hear his voice. But thanks again and good luck to you also! :)