First Call Since He Left

I`m so happy I got my first call since he left in all I could do was cry and tell him how much I miss and love him I kinda was feeling bad because he call only me but not his grandma but I was so happy he called I aint want to get off the phone 30 mintus seem to fly by so fast I aint want to end the call but had to but glad he call because now I know he`s still at reception and want be leave their until next week Friday and he also told me he read my letter I give to him before he left and wrote me back so I will be wait on them next week so happy.
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Wheres his boot camp at?

ft benning

I remember when my soldier went to basic training and that feeling you are having with your firsts letter cheerish them and keep your head basic training goes away better fast it seem forever but it really goes very fast and he will be with you in your arms keep on writting all the letters you can but nott too much cause they make them do push up depending on how many letter caus ei send mine like 25letters and he was not receicing them until ne day he did got them all of them and they made him do a lot of push up cause it a sign for the military "of weakness missing someone ect " which he wrote on my letter he was glad to do all those push up *** long as he can read all my letters and glad he recieve them oh one for thing when he givis you an adrress you can send him like gummy bears sweets pillow he will need these things like the necessary things he will them and he wil be glad you send them i remember i send him soap pillow and sweets and i wrap them with christmass gift and i put a yellow posted on each thing i wrap he loved it that a cute idea for you to do and he will reallyyy loved it

ok i will keep that in mind the only thing was i give him like 20 something letter before he left and i still write a letter each day because we told each other we would write each day also i was thinking about send him something because valentine day coming up so i just want him to know i`m thinking of him what can i send without him getting in to much troblue for it?

I remember that feeling. Just keep in mind in Basic if the other guys screw up he might not get to talk. Mine only got to call home about once every 2 weeks. But the letters came nearly every day. I spent a lot on stamps, but made sure I mailed him one out every day too. They are now put up for our daughter so she can see (mostly cause I took some of the dirty ones completely out and partial for the some what cleaner ones) what we went through. Thank him and stay strong. This will be over quicker than it seems.

ok will do he said the only thing he not so happy about is waking up at 4 am to stand and the but he had made some good friends and they all look out for each other so that put my mind to rest a little and that sweet to save the letter