Im In The Army, Im In Basic

So how am I doing?? Im not sure. I have been ********. Physically, Broken down Emotionally, and Mentally my mind is in a struggle. How will I survive this? Im only in the beginning stages. If they own him then they own me because we are One. Never will I turn my back on him. Its too late to run. He worked his way in to my heart, worked his *** off to prove he was the ONE. I cant shake him off hes always in my thoughts. in everything I do. Not just a Man he is my Best friend. Im breaking down. It gets better for a little bit and im fine doing what I have to do. Then in moments like these I cant hold back the tears, I feel sick, and sad. what I would give just to be able to be in his arms. but I cant give up. I must fight through this. We are soldiers. Both in Basic Training. He is a United States Soldier and I am HIS. It is what I promised. It is my destiny. Standing by him to the End :(
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I'm the same situation, it sucks, and I feel exactly how you feel. I keep telling myself 8 weeks, be strong, keep your head high, but I just miss him. Don't get me wrong, keeping busy help, but that can only go so far. I want my boyfriend home. I wanna go back to our memories. But there's no changing that. I gotta be strong. We have to be strong. We gotta remember that this will all be worth it in the end, that everytime he comes home, it's just that much more special. That's when you remember that all the late nights, the tears, the letters, the loneliness, everything.... comes down to the moment he's back in your arms... that everything you did was worth it. I hold on the the moment of him being back home in my arms. I know this right now is tough, but it won't get any easier, and you know what? I don't care. Why? because I love him and I'm sure of it, God is watch over thee. So girl, don't worry, keep your head high, smile, because your strong. The fact that you can wake up everyday and push forward means something. Means that your looking toward the end result of this. Keep that head high.

Thank you for this. It makes me fill so much better. I'm glad I joined this because not everyone understands. Thanks so much for the support

I know it's hard and everybody handles this situation differently. For me personally I would cry at night and have break downs at work in the that I'm a month away from his graduation it's getting a lil easier but missing him will never stop. Whenever I break down I just remind myself that right now he's safe, and right now I need to be strong...because in the future if we have children or even if im alone and he get's deployed...I'll have to be strong! So I know it's hard...and I know probably no one understands what your going through back home....sometimes you get sympathy from friends...but they don't understand how it feels to go to sleep without hearing his not know what he's doing....or to look in the mailbox and see nothing there for you. IT SUCKS! It sucks so bad....this post probably won't help you that much b/c right now I'm almost feeling like you...I miss the love of my life...but I know I have to be strong for I'm trying...hopefully it gets a lil easier for you. Just wanted to let you know that I understand where your coming from.

And thank you. It does help!! Having some support from people who understand. . This is tough and I was very independent before him. Then he came and showed me how it felt to be loved and taking care of. I got used to it. And loved him even more for showing me the definition of love. To have that taken away after I finally had it. It's hard hopefully these months will fast. I will be fine I just have to get used to it. but thank you so much. Reading this made me smile just knowing that I'm not alone and there are people who understand and are making it through. Thanks :)

your welcome!:)