So I was looking at flights out to San Antonio and they are super expensive! Plus the hotel and food? My lord how do people afford this lol I'm a broke *** college student. I hope I'm able to go to his graduation still :(
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ugh I'm flying to San Antonio on the 21 of march and it's going to hurt my bank account

I am a broke *** college student as well! I have to fly all the way to Georgia from Cali and the flights are almost 400 bucks! Just start saving up for as much as you can to the side a month! Hopefully you can save up enough!

exactly my plan too!

I'm currently at school and my job doesn't pay me enough to put some off to the side. I live in Chicago so flying anywhere warm is going to be expensive. Mine are 400 too.

I think all of them are $400 bucks! Mine were as well from SC to Tx. Luckly, I'm getting a school refund check next month that will pay for because my job now sure wouldn't! What about a tax refund? That could help as well! Oh boy what we do for our men!

Well im kinda nervous to go. I think i get mine next month, He graduating early march tho. He left me with no commitment and idk if i want to spend that and then end up breaking up. Bc my Mom would go to and then theres a hotel and im missing school i Just dont know what to do

Wow! Well I would say to talk to him about it in a letter! There is plenty of time for him to respond back for sure before march. Mine graduates march 14 and I was fortunate for us to talk about it ahead of time and he told me if noone came, he knew I would be there. But you are right, it is def a chunk of money to spend and end up regretting it

did anybody try greyhound or try renting a car you might save a little

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