March 20th

That's the date.... I'm so happy. It's not that far away. On this date I will be able to be in the arms of my soldier. got my second letter this evening which was such a relief to hear that my man misses me so much thinks about be everyday and counting down the day till he sees me. Just what I needed to strengthen me. It's all good :)
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Yay how exciting! I see mine on March 7th!:) So exciting!

I know not that far away at all. I'm already looking to see how much travel will be... I want to book sooner than,later cause its going to be more expensive the longer I wait. What do you wear to graduation anyway? Do you know what you are wearing? It's probably to soon for these questions. I'm just so excited

No! Itz never too early...I'm thinking for family day of wearing cute jeans..blazer and possibly some casual heels or flats...and then on his actual graduation a cute spring dress...haven't found the dress yet..but still workin on it;) lol

Lol I been thinking he's in Missouri so it will prob be cold I hope not. I want to look pretty for him. I know he's not worried about my clothes but still. I'm excited for you

Mine is in Georgia...I hope it warms up too! I've been workin out tryn to lose weight...even though we know they love us as we are it's good to want to look good for them! So I know how you feel:)!

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