Contact Hasn'T Come

someone please help he hasn't contacted me all week? is that bad? I haven't heard from him since I said goodbye. I just want his mailing address.
merpy3712 merpy3712
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

this different from what i went though i got a call the first week he was there and a letter maybe you will get one saturday the another one the night before he when to bct

I went to basic training, he is not cheating on you, its impossible, the first week is crazy. You do not control your own time. He's busy getting yelled at for everything he does whether right or wrong. He will not call for maybe another 2 weeks, he will get you a mailing address in due time. Sometimes when the group messes up they take away phone call privilege; so be prepared for that too. In this situation nothing is more reassuring than a confident positive spouse. Chin up hun, stay strong!

that made me feel better. thank you so much!