Fort Benning Give Me My Man Back Please!!!! Lol

Over the summer i went through a lot of changes in life and i walked into my towns recruiting station trying to see what the army had to offer. After talking to the Sargent i wanted to go through the process, he invited me to "PT" practice and ( that's where i met my man :)) i notice this guy staring at me but since i was the only female and i was making them do extra flutter kicks i thought they hated me lol months went by all the future soldiers and applicants became very close we all were there for the purpose to go active army. I took my first Asvab in September after my 3 semester of college finally finishing , i wasn't so lucky i failed by 2 points but i didn't give up ! my Sargent invited me out to cheer me up and invited my boyfriend at the time me and him didn't really talk besides hi and bye i only spoke to his brother who also joined. We had such a good time that night i wasn't so shy to speak to him once we spoke we couldn't stop talking and laughing. After that day back at PT my Sargent had asked one of the future soldiers to tutor me since he got a 99!! and my friend asked me for my number we started with the text and i apologize being so grumpy when he was so nice i told him after getting hurt you don't really trust guys. Few months went by and this guy asked me to be his girlfriend ,we agreed that nobody in the office will know and until the day he left to basic nobody knew but some of our Sargent knew something between us changed in the way we stopped talking to each other . I can say this 6 months has been the best in a while, i was in a very bad relationship of 4 years so finally meeting a man who can put a smile in your face rather than tears means alot. Once me and my boyfriend started going out we hung out everyday!! if i wasn't working i would be with him vs although i was scared i wanted to take a chance . January 03 he left to basic fort Benning and i enlisted i think i forgot to mention i finally took the test and passed!!! :) the day before he left it was so hard for both of us i have gotten use to him so much i didn't want to cry but i did, he was so down too but we both knew this day would come. Its been almost 1 month since his been gone and i get a letter from him mostly everyday <3 i love it ! i miss him sooooo much i can only thank god that i met this man, usually people misuse the word love but we both fell in-love with each other it seems. His letters mean so much to me and the things he says makes me feel like im back in middle school before people will text you there feelings and wrote letters. I dont know where this relationship will take us since we both are going to be in the military but god knows i will do anything to be with him . I miss my man so much :( i hate to think i wont be there for his graduation because i leave to my basic training march 12 his final week of basic ..i see now that all of you guys feel the same about ure mans so i finally dont feel so alone
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Well good luck to you two! True love is a beautiful thing and if it iz true it will definitely last!:)

Thank you soooo much :) i hope so

when did he leave for benning?

January 03

mine left jan 7th lol

Doesnt it suck :(?? I want mine back so bad ures is at benning too?

yeah it does:/ I feel like after a while it will get easier, but the beginning is hard and we are new to it, but as we go through it more and more, it will still be difficult, but we will be better at coping and stuff so it won't be as hard

Yeah hopefully things get better :( the only thing that keeps me going is his letters

how many have you gotten so far?

10 (: i got 3 while he was in reception and the rest at basic i loveee it i feel like im stalking the mail lady lol

you are so lucky! i only have gotten 2 from him lol my bfs commanders must be crazy strict or something haha I heard that some of them are really good but others are really bad :/

Yeah my bfz commander is super strict! I only get like one letter a week..but itz better than nothing!:)

Aww sorry to hear that :( atleast they are writing u knoe? Im happy that mine is writing i didnt think he will write so much he never been the writing type

yeah, my bf isn't really the writing type either, but they really haven't gotten any time to write at all:/

i just got his letters today they were in the field for two days :)

congrats! :)

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