Fort Benning Experience!

So my boyfriend graduated from Fort Benning last Friday and it was literally such an awesome experience! I've never been on a base before...and besides the check point and the barracks you would never know it's a base. It looked like a regular community...had gas was pretty cool! As far as the turning blue ceremonies and graduation....I mean my personal favorite was the turning blue ceremony. They had the families go through a briefing and then we went to this large black top that had like bleacher type seating...and then our soldiers marched out in formation while we were seated! It was so awesome...I spotted my soldier like a mile away because he's 6'5 so he was literally the tallest one! This ceremony was basically just commemorating that they've completed basic training and the families got to pin the blue cord aroung their shoulder! He looked so absolutely handsome in his formal outfit! As far as graduation was so boring! After the turning blue ceremony and spending all day with him the previous day I was kinda just like....okay when can I see kiss him and hold his hand But it went by super fast...the only thing I disliked was that they literally had to jump on the buses like 10-15 minutes after graduation. Luckily they made them have the choice of families giving them a ride to Atlanta airport which is about 2 hours we chose that option since I was going to Atlanta to visit family anyway and I got to spend a little bit more time with him! So if you have that option definitely take it b/c he can't get in trouble with his drill sergeants anymore once he's done with basic!(One of his drill sergeants actually told us trip was awesome! If you guys have any specific questions feel free to ask away! I would be happy to help!
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Hey what did you wear? My solider is graduating from Fort Benning April 4.. the dinner is April 3...

Congrats on getting to see him. Where did he get stationed?

well he didn't have a dinner, the day b4 he had family day and turning blue ceremony then the nxt day graduation. I wore a nice blouse each day with jeans and heels. There were ppl dressed even more down than tht. my bfz national guard so right now hez in hez able to transfer so he'll be moving to California(where I live) soon:)!

That is awesome... Ok .. mine is in the army and he is going to Colorado :/ but Ill be moving there soon enough!

well good luck with everything! And have fun at graduation, it was definitely a short amount of time but I enjoyed supporting him and all his friends to the max! It was definitely a great experience full of excitement!:)