A babysitter hurt my 3 week old baby boy. I beleve he shook him. Back in 1968 the Shaken Baby syndrom was unhurd of. To accuse someone of such an evil deed, sounded outrageous back then.. I knew in my heart of hearts that this man hurt my baby. To prove it back then would of been impossable.
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i am so sorry. that is heartwrenching and agonizing. BIG HUG for you.

Thank you, my son was just home for Christmas, he is in his 40s and still thinks there is a Santa Clause. Life isn't so bad after all.

<3 There is a Santa Claus if you think about it the right way.

How's his life going? Does he support himself?

He is doing great. He is an independent living program with another fella who is a pain in the a$$

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