Living With Aspergers the Story of My Son and Me.

I have a son who lives with Aspergers, he is eight years old. He is a very caring boy and is good at many things particullaly drawing and playstation, he loves riding his bike and doing the things most children enjoy. He struggles with anger and frustration when he can't do something to his own standards. He requires routine but hates that he needs it, sometimes I think he thinks everyone else is stupid and he doesn't need help. Along the road to diagnosis I have learned to go with my motherly instincts and to only listen to friends and family when they are giving informed advice not their own opinions. I have also learned that it is hard for paediatricians and phsycologists to make a correct diagnosis if they only go off rating scales, and a few visits. I learned the best people to diagnose my child is the experts in the field of autism. I believe that knowledge about Aspergers and Autism is very important but I realised that my child is an individual and the only way I can help him is by getting to know his own personal needs. I am interested in connecting with other parents who have children on the spectrum and also Id love to communicate with others who are diagnosed on the spectrum to hopefully gain a greater understanding about what they deal with in their daily livesand get to know some interesting people.

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Hi i have a 14yr old son with aspergers, my father has undiagnois aspergers and i feel my son is getting thru better than my dad because of the label. I am able to go into school and explain with scientic facts rather than "my kids wears a halo" ( he does not ocasionally he grows horns) to help teachers and care givers the infomation needed to help teach my son in their (school) environment. We have been to 7 different schools in 9 years to find the right people that have the same common teaching that i have, which is to teach him how to live in this world apporiately and to accept him for who he is which to me should be for any "normal" child anyway. Would love to chat, could chat all day about all subjects that affect aspergers.

Good for you . It sounds like you really know your child.<br />
My grandson is mildly autistic. We have had some of the same experiences as you have. Each child is different and will let you know what they need in thier way. You really can't tell that my grandson is autistic unless you really know him. He is very verbal and really does everything. Good Luck to you and your son!