First Posting

Bee3 has described the devastating moment when she saw her son drown. Our firstborn, Cormac, also drowned at two years old -- on June 19 this year it will  be 10 years, and I think he is as real to me today as he has been at any time since then.

As a parent, we know it is our job to protect our children.  Add that to the normal human dismay (is that strong enough word?) at the death of a child, and this sudden tragedy sucks your breath away.

But life gives compensations. in our case two other children, both born since then -- and I sincerely  doubt we would have them in our lives, if Cormac had continued.

Life goes on, and with all the horror of seeing my son in a little white Coffin, nothing will ever make me wish he had never been.

goreyman goreyman
Feb 21, 2010