I Have 2 Son's With Adhd

...as did my father and I am sure his father did as well.

There are a higher percentage of substance abusers among people with ADD/ADHD than the rest of the population. My father and grandfather were both alcoholics.

My oldest son wasn't diagnosed until he was 11, in 1994, when the media was just starting to give this topic attention. I wish he had been diagnosed sooner, because by then he already had a negative attitude about school. He always tested in the top 5 to 10% but he was disruptive in class, he couldn't stay in his seat or be quiet when the situation called for it. He was very impulsive, when he was 12 he came upon a friend shooting his pellet gun at trees. My son asked to see the gun and aimed it at another kid he saw about 100 feet away, he shot at the kid thinking he was aiming it too high to hit him, but he did hit him.

Now I know he didn't consciously intend to hit him, but he couldn't but the brakes on his impulse long enough to think what the consequences might be.

He seemed to be very forgetful, but then I realized it wasn't that he forgot, he wasn't paying close enough attention to what was being said, for it to take root.

However, give him something new, novel, that he enjoyed and he would focus on it for hours.

When he did take dexadrine, it didn't have the effect that speed has on your average person, quite the opposite. He would be less kinetic, he would raise his hand in class, complete his homework, clean his room. But as a teen taking medication made him feel he was different from his peers and he started to resist, eventually refusing, to take it.

He dropped out of H.S., getting his GED, but he is intelligent, he could have done so much more.

My youngest son has some of the same symptoms, but not quite as pronounced, and he has a few different symptoms. I have kept a close eye on how he is doing in school, and while I have heard from every teacher he sometimes talks to much and gets antsy, he is able to control his symptoms much better than his brother did. I have not had to put him on medication so far, and hopefully never will, but I can't help but think what a positive effect it may have had on my oldest son if he had been on medication sooner. 

WittyOne WittyOne
46-50, F
Jul 10, 2007