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My son who is 5 was diagnosed this past January with ADHD. Hid peditrician said to try no sugar. We did that for some time. This child could not focus and was always getting in trouble at school. I was afraid of his saftey because he was always into something. After a while with no sugar we (his teacher and father and I) saw improvement but not stability. So on a follow up visit his peditiricain perscribed meds for him. She gave him the lowest dose possible and informed me that it would not last all day. My son was in Kindergarten this year, he went half days. When he got home from school the effects had worn off. His teaher told me that she saw some improvement but it was not consistent. Then he had a side effect, he could not sleep easily at night. That made him miss school more than what I would have liked. On his most recent follow up his ped raised his meds to the next dose. I can tell the difference. He is focused and he can control his actions better. Now the things he does seem more like normal 5 year old things. But upon reading about his meds I learned that it is addictive. I am taking him to see a psychologist for further testing and other treatment options. His doctor recommended an over the counter vitamin that is a sleep aid. It has worked wonders. So for now the treatment is working. However, I am concerned about long term use of meds.

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If you don't mind, what is the over the counter vitamin that is a sleep aid.

Houstonman1962, I did take my son to see a psychiatrist, He changed his meds from what the pediatrician had him on. He did repeat Kindergarten but I can tell the meds are very effective. I do not like the idea him being medicated all the time but i understand that for school he need the med to be focused.

In addition to all of the above, it can also stunt growth.<br />
However, both my boys are doing so much better overall on the drugs.<br />
<br />
Any update?

Thanks for your input. It is encouraging. I am going to have to write the names down LOL

There is a prescription drug that is not prescribed for ADHD yet its off-label usage is excellent at controlling the symptoms of ADHD for up to 6 hours although after four hours the ADHD signs slowly begin to reappear. The drug is Hydergine which is licensed for the early signs of senility but possesses many interesting off-label uses. The side-effect is almost negligible and it is not known to be harmful. It is not toxic. Your MD may not know of those off-label uses but it is worthy of trying it say at 2.25mgs (half a tablet) to start with. You will be amazed to see how normal and focussed your child can be. Incidentally, I know of a young man who was ADHD in infancy and also very destructive but today at 16 he is a fine level headed and intelligent youth. You could try your son on ginkgo biloba or ginseng both of which are available at the HFS.