My Baby Boy

My youngest son was born with Cerbal Palsay. I'm sure I did'nt spell that right. Anyway Alex was born in 01 and the Dr's did'nt give him any chance of living. We were told that we should shut off his equipment and let him go. We could'nt do that. I admit that its not always easy takeing care of him but I asure you its worth it. Alex is completly handicap and spends his days either in bed or in his wheelchair. He's fed through a tub and has a trach to help him breath. Alex cant talk but you know when he's happy or sad. He gets the biggest smile on his face that can melt the toughest heart. I can be having a really bad day and he smiles and its all forgotten. The Dr's gave him six month to a year to live and I'm happy to say he is now 8 soon to be 9 in Febuary. Dr's , what do they know. I guess the reason I wrote this is for anybody who might be going through some of same things that we did. I promise you it wont be easy takeing care of that little person but its very much worth it.

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Please get Alex out to see people, and be seen. There are a lot of physical disability groups available and you may be surprise of the opportunities Alex has, with your open mind and effort.<br />
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God bless you.