My Oppositional Defiant Son

where do i start?i am a single mum,my daughter is 26 and left home and doing well.i also have a gorgeous 2 yr old  grandaughter . ok, my son is 14 yrs old,ever since he was little i knew he had problems.he has learning difficulties which showed up when he started school.his bad behaviour has always been an issue.i took him to a psychiatrist at age 6 and he was diagnosed oppositional defiant disorder.we used charts therapy to stop him hitting me and after months of hard work it paid off! we broke the habit.around his 6th birthday he was also dianosed type 1 diabetes,so all of a sudden we were dealing with learning how to manage that.he has had 2 severe hypos where he had seizures and needed to be hospitalized.insulin dependent diabetes is a 24/7,life threatening illness.its hard work! but despite that it doesn't come near to the amount of suffering that ODD brings.he has been seeing the same psychiatrist for over 8 years now and we've tried everything you can imagine to change his behaviours. somehow ,he managed to get through primary school without being expelled,although there were plenty of suspensions over the years.i have suffered depression since he was little,i have put on 70kgs since he was born.i joined a support group 8 years ago and havent missed a's my saviour! talking to other mums helps sooo much. because of his literacy problems ,he is way behind all his classmates,so he has low self esteem,i encouraged him to attend night classes of airbrushing when he was 12 and he excells at this! he has been going regularly for 18 months and doing really well. his doctor also recommended him to attend a program called ASEC-adolescent services enfield's a mental health program run through the womens and childrens has been our life saver.he attended every wednesday and thursday in stead of highschool, for 2 terms and it has helped him heaps.our case worker suggested he have tests with the speech patholigist as she was worried about his language difficulties,he was assessed for a NEP and got one due to communication when in year 4.WELL,they assessed him for receptive/expressive language disorder and auditory processing disorder.the results show him to be in the 2nd percentile for receptive and the 6th percentile for expressive,it was so great to finally understand why he had all his learning problems.i wonder why it took so long before someone suggested he might have problems in that area.anyway,now the school know how to help him learn,they can make it easier for him.he is fantastic at tech studies and is so good with his hands using tools etc.i finally have hope that he will do well in his chosen profession,he still is very hard to live with and he abuses me verbally constantly,we have many issues to deal with each day .but, i have hope now, i no longer have nightmares of him going to jail when he grows up. there is a bright future waiting for him.
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When it rains, it pours. YOU ever noticed these kids get MULTIPLE diagnosises. My own son was recently diagnosed dyslexia with ADHD, and I suspect he has this ODD!! But like you, we are dealing, coping, using strategies, having good days and bad, and moving forward! YOur son is lucky! You seem a very strong, loving and determined parent! He'll probably turn out to be your best kid yet! ;D

amazing story...your devotion to him is truly inspiring. thanks for sharing..<br />
We are struggling with my son who has tourette's. He's about to go into his final year of college.<br />
read my story: I want people to think different. The story doesn't deal with the specifics of his problems.<br />
He has ADD, Tourette's and has OCD tendencies....

so nice to be part of a group that has similar experiences- My son had ADD, ODD and OCD tendencies. I am happy to report that he will be graduating highschool in 2 month on time- its been a tough road!