Skunk Smoking Psychotic Son!

My son is 19.  He had ADHD as a child but this is only being acknowledged now by psychiatrists and doctors, despite years of family counselling etc. where he would have everyone believing his blatant lies!  He started smoking weed when he was 13, though I only found this out after he was sectioned last Christmas, though I knew he was smoking heavily from around 17, there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him.  I had asked him to leave my home on many occasions, and even had to call the police as he was extremely abusive and aggressive, smashing thing in the house, including a brand new 42 inch plasma TV! He had no conscience and would push past me, even knocking me into a brick wall at one point.  He eventually had a full psychosis episode, hearing voices, sensing evil and talking of KILLING his older sister and me to "protect us from evil around us"!  He was sectioned and after smashing his way out of one hospital twice during the night, was sent to a secure unit for a month.  He went through every possible emotion in hospital, and cried that he was so sorry for how he had treated me over the years and swearing he would never smoke again and how much he loved me.  When he came home he was a true gentleman. I told him daily how much I love him and how proud I was.  HOWEVER! this has not lasted.  He has started smoking again.  Refuses to stop and take medication.  The social workers, psychiatrists AND me are useless C....s, dickheads, anything else that springs to mind.  I have been told be is heading for a relapse and have tried talking to him only to be threatened with smashing up my car and "gonna ******* make you suffer"!  I feel like he hates me.  The psychiatrist wants him sectioned again, but is waiting to see how this weekend goes as I am so worried as I don't want to be blamed. Also,if they come here with the police to take him to hospital he will kick off big time and has told me he'll STAB anyone who tries to put him back in hospital.  I'm walking oln egg shells due to his excessive mood swings and anger.  I love him so much, but truly don't know what to do ... Please can anyone help?
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It sounds like its something else not adhd. Maybe bipolar manic depressive, borderline personality maybe?

I have heard of Bi-polar male teens acting like this.It usually hits in the late teens, early 20s.Paranoid schizophrenia also hits males around this age.Keeping himon the proper meds and off illegal drugs are the key. You cannot handle this yourself. Do what you have to do to get him help in the hospital before it is too late or he gets worse. Good luck and I'll say a prayer for you.