My Son

I have a 14 year old son, who is unusual in comparison to other boys his age. My son is not into football or skateboarding like other boys his age. He is interested in disecting things like old computers and creating working objects from them, playing chess, and he actually finds governmental studies and history interesting. While other kids his age are listening to hip-hop, he's listening to Pink Floyd and David Bowie. He does not care to be what other kids are and is confortable being his own unique self.

His birthday was this Saterday and guess what he chose to have for dinner...........a spicey crawlfish boil. He even sucks the stuff from their heads. He's definetly not the typical picky American kid.
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5 Responses May 16, 2011

affinityterra, I would never call you wierd, but then, look at me. lololol

He sounds like a great kid. It must reflect well on you that he feels confident and comfortable with the person that he is. Too many kids are willing to forfeit their individuality to blend in the the crowd.

Now, that kid has a 'cast-iron stomach'. lol

Ok, he sounds like a great kid, but you lost me at, "...a spicey crawfish boil. He even sucks the stuff from thier heads." Ewwww... I have eaten a total of one crawfish. I pride myself on having kept it down. lololol

He sounds like a unique, interesting, and intelligent kid.