I Had My First Son At 18

His name Andre Aiden German. His just turned one on the 27th of July. He wasn't expected but I will never regret bringing him into my life. Words will never express how thankful I am to have a glorious gift such as my son. No matter who says or believes what, I could care less. He will always mean more to me than anyone. Cold, but a fact nonetheless. My friends and family know to not ever expect me to take them or anyone else into consideration before his well-being and/or his self in general. I can and will easily drop anyone doesn't matter who if they ever compromise, meddle, corrupt, or merely slander anything that deals with my son's life. His mother and I are finally back together we weren't for a long time but despite our feelings toward each other (negative or positive), I will...I repeat, WILL NOT stand back while someone/anyone speaks negatively of her as a parent. She does all she can for that little boy just like I do. We are CIVIL enough to think of our child first. And if anyone ever had an issue with that they can proceed to ******* off ^_^

I love my son son much. Right now we're at my grandparents house and he's so upset because the storm. It's adorable.
kjg92 kjg92
18-21, M
Aug 31, 2012