Boys And Their Appetites

I have a 15 year old son and seriously he never stops eating. Just a bit ago, I asked him what he's eaten today and he began giving me a list.

Five bagles
3 yogurts
three turkey sandwiches
two servings of left over stuffing
two big bowls of veggie soup
two egg and potato tacos
one slice of pie
two slice of pumpkin cake
one banana
one banana muffin

Every day the boy drinks like half a gallon of milk. No wonder my grocery bill is so freaking high. Seriously, if I ate like this I'd be like 300 pounds. The boy weighs like 130 lbs and is 5' 9.

Anyone know if this is normal? Are all boys like this?
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Hahahaha....I have found packaging of things I just bought in the trash....before I even unloaded everything from the car.

It's frustrating isn't it? I had to make a rule that nobody is allowed to touch anything until it's put away.

yeah that sounds about right. Though i was a bit heavier at that age. I think around 160.

Is he super active Affinity? This is a LOT of calories for even a 15 year old with a rockin metabolism... unless he is involved in really strenuous sports or something else that keeps in in a constantly high burn ratio. Lot of carbs in there with bagels, bread, stuffing, muffin, cake and tacos.....It could be fine I guess.. I'm sure no expert..... It depends on how active he is but this list looks real high even for a total athlete.... I could see if it favored proteins cause they burn at a different rate and don't store as easily.... I'd give his doc a call and see what he/she has to say about it... It shouldn't cost anything and it'll put your mind at ease and if there is some hyper thyroid issue going on it's better to get it checked now....

No, he's not very active. I have to force him out the door sometimes to get him to do something outside. You've got me scared now with the thyroid thing. I hope that's not the case.

Aww don't be scared... it might not be a bit serious and is something that will get better as he passes out of puberty! But that is why it is good to check it out with a doc just to be sure.... hugs...