My Little Mister.

Our son is now 8 months old and I'm finally seeing his personality, it's a lot like mine. Damn, he's in trouble, LOL.

He is pulling up on things and standing, trying to walk while holding on to the table or his crib.  He would rather crawl all around than be held.
He hates taking baths, but he loves just sitting in the bathtub.  If we try to wash him in anyway he throws a fit.  
His favorite movie is the Wolfman, the black and white one with Lon Chaney Jr.

He loves to "flirt" with the ladies where ever we go, lol.  He smiles at them and tries to talk to them. 

Caleb is just so much fun.  My mom told me I won't be say that when he's 16.  Right now my hubby and I are just enjoying each day with our son.
ImNotGood ImNotGood
31-35, F
Jan 15, 2013