Noodles In My Shoe.

OK I have seen my 3 year old boy do some odd things in his short years....but noodles in my shoe? Thank goodness they are dry noodles! LOL

How do they move so fast anyway? you look away for less then a minute and they are up on the entertainment center, or squeezing toothpaste all over the place....or putting noodles in your shoe. They have lightening speed...or maybe I am just slow! LOL

I will say that I would rather have a boy...there is NEVER a dull moment with him unless he is sleeping...even then though he is talking in his sleep or moving to a dream!  it's pretty funny.

I can't say that he is good all the time....he does do his share of running me crazy...and you know they never grow out of that! Hubby still drives his mom crazy! LOL

Anyway I have to go clean noodles out of my shoe.....

dreamin2183 dreamin2183
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2007