Floor Art

After a very hard night of trying to actually SLEEP, I woke up to a bit of a surprise! NOt a good one either.

My 3 year old son had woken up before me, not surprising seeing how I only got 3-4 hours of actual sleep. he had gotten a hold of some Poster paint!!!!! 3 huge bottles, red, yellow and blue, were now a giant blob of some muddy color all over the floor! I am not talking just a small area...it was EVERYWHERE! foot prints and hand prints tracked throughout our living area, on the walls....and worse of all was the CARPETED floor where he dumped all 3 bottles completely out and then proceeded to spread it as much as he could!

I woke up to my son covered in paint touching me with his hands and a big smile on his face! Of course he knew it was bad, and that he had been very quiet in doing it....any other morning I would have woken up to the quiet, he is NEVER quiet unless he is asleep!

To him it was "floor art" to me it was a cleaning job that was/is going to take me most of the day to get out of the carpet and off the walls. Using the steam cleaner is a big help and a burden...seeing how you dump the used water into the toilet and our toilet is not  flushing properly!so it is taking twice the effort to clean up....and the steam vac isn't getting it all out so I have to go back over it with a hand held machine to get the rest out...I guess when they say "washable" on the paint bottles they really mean that it will come out but not until after you have scrubbed and scrubbed, and then have to go back and scrub again!

I will say that I am happy to have the options of a steam vac and hand held to help me....I just couldn't even imagine doing all this without those things!  

on top of the paint mess, I called my mother in law to see if she could watch him while I attacked this mess then cleaned myself up...but of course she was busy! Then I called my sister... who only works 2 days a week...and today was one of those days! URGH! Those are my only real options....aside from my 87 year old great grandma, who ended up feeding him breakfast while I got the worse of the mess pretty much taken care of...but now he is with me once again and I am far from finished with this "floor art"! Sigh, these things never happen on a day that it is easy to get help.

Well back to my cleaning...break time is over!

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1 Response Jul 18, 2007

YOU HAVE ONE OF THOSE 3 YEAR OLDS, TOO!! WONDERFUL! Sorry about the mess, but I face that kind of trial at least 4 times a week! And my toddler LOVES those late night jobs, too! We need to talk and compare notes!=}