I Have a Naughty Son

I had my son when I was 28 years old .Now my son is 2 years old .He is very naughty and lovely.

Because by day I must be on work ,my parents have to take care of my son.  My son is very good  except he cant relieve himself.

By night when I ENTER in the door,HE IS happy and ask for me to hug him and carry in the arm  .at the same time he begin jumping and I always jump with him.

I am a happy. I love my son.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Children are tiny little miracles, and that is the best thing to have in your life. I was young when I had my first child, and have 2 now, but, I loved him from the moment that I found out I was pregnant. Children bring so much joy into our lives, and even though we have to go to work and do other things that keep us from our children at times, the love that we have for them is priceless. It is nice to hear just the happy comments about parents that just want to share how much they love their children.