A Little Somthin For My Sierra.

Rhianna's tune got me thinkin all edgy and close like. So here's EI saying what I'm thinkin.

looking4mywife looking4mywife
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I'm alway UP for catchin some more!

Jimmy, leave it to my hubs to go for "graphic effects" It is a pretty AWESOME title though....;)<br />
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lol@hubs....fear not sweety Jimmy has a 10 mile line of lovelies at his beck and call in here...But you're right those fellows are all pretty special. ALL my pals are special! <br />
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You are too an operator. You catch enough, YOU don't need any breaks!.... :D

I'm no operater. there you go spreading untrue rumors about me again. Guy can't catch a break around here.<br />
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Hey Jimmy. I hear about you all the damn time. I swear if I ever can't find her, I'm calling you! just jokin man she does think you, Tim and Tommy are great dudes though. You must be, cause she's pckier than all hell! That title does get your attention.

Actually, I was more carried away by the title than the tune... :D

Looking---You're too kind...<br />
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LOL @ Supemom. Watch out , this one's an operator!

I'm NEVER bad! I wasn't lookin to get an aww out of you I was more looking for a ............never mind, tell ya later if and when you show up for WORK! Now I have to show what a fair man I am, I'll post a song that switches it around for you. <br />
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SuperMother2010, I'm glad to see YOU have good taste!

You're bad.....but I like it! ;) Nice tune....NOT really an awwwwww sound but ....nice....