It's A Good Day...

On one night, when I was quite restless and trying to calm myself, I started looking for some program on my idiot box to get settled down. After an hour I found a movie which I have already seen twice but never from the start, so I started watching it and suddenly I hear a voice of Peggy Lee.... It's a Good Day...!!!
Believe me or not but that song made me release all my anxiety and frustration and allow me to sleep. That song had no charisma but the words, the rhyming and the music touched me soul that night and satisfied it. On next morning I remember I woke up and found it on internet and played again. Ever since it has become my song of the day...
I am no one to suggest a song to anyone but surely share my experience that this song gives a good vibe that give you reason to smile and enjoy a day worth living...!
Aetiyuel Aetiyuel
31-35, M
May 2, 2011