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I am yours---

I had to return and edit this entry.
I found another song that has a good story behind it. 
You know I will never give up in my attempts to prompt you into writing our own versions of---erotica---
I think this would be a most splendid addition to your--erotica writing-- group.

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6 Responses Jun 6, 2011

Oh sure...both of you, just go ahead and gang up on me..... :D

Give her Hell ersatz. =)

Awww, I missed this one too! Ok....so you are veryyyyy kinky in some ways. They're ways that suit me just fine... ;)

I beg to differ with that stand my darling----I am very--kinky-- in that respect. You describe things in writing in a unique and very stimulating fashion, which I greatly enjoy.

lol @ er, He just like me to write about these crazy little moments out of our past. He's a little kinky like that.... ;)

Aww on the Miraz song. I think that is sooo cute. Thank you! :)<br />
<br />
roflmao @ George Michael.....Now THAT story would, for sure end up tucked away under "adult topics!" I have no clue how I could write it and clean it up enough for just someone wandering through. I need to think on this one. But if I have to have my whole profile shipped over into "Adult" for you, I would do it. .... :)