For Sierra - My Super Strong Soul Sister, With Love

I heard this song this morning, Sie... and the exhuberance and strength in it just made me think of you. i love you, Lady. you ROCK!!!

[unfortunately embedding is disabled on this video, dangit!! but here's the link:]

FALL BEHIND ME - THE DONNAS (from their Gold Medal album)

I can't believe she bought it
She got too close and she caught it
Had a point but she forgot it

When you skip steps on the way up
The gaps have a way of catching up
And you can't cover that with make-up

You're gonna fall behind me
You're gonna cry and beg for mercy
'Cause you're not ready baby
And you got nothin' on me

(And you got nothin' on me)

Now that I'm getting to know her
Part of me wants to show her
Who she's really screwing over

'Cause she's got nothin' real
Taking everything that she can steal
Just like it was her last meal


(And you got nothin' on me)

How long is she gonna be around ?
How long do we have to watch her dumb it down ?
'Cause when it's cheap it fades fast
How long does she think it's gonna last ?

And you got nothin' on me
And you got nothin' on me
And you got nothin' on me
And you got nothin' on me
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8 Responses Oct 5, 2011

Hahaha... i love that story, Jacee... it sounds like it would have been a blast! i can lip sync with the best of 'em!! :0]

No tickets needed!! Girls rocks da sistahs for freeeeeeee!! But we do need a singer....I make babies cry and dogs cover their ears when I try........hmmmm, searching for a singer now...

I'm right behind ya on that......but I do shake a mean booty so I'll just pretend to be one of the back up singers lol. I did do that once for my husband and some of his buddies who had a group. They were one short in the back up group so I just joined in and went along with everything BUT the singing......the things I have done for the sake of music :-D

tickets, nothin Jacee!! we need a lead singer!!

OMG then you definitely don't want me lol that would definitely scare away the fans...........unless we're doing punk rock, then singing ability isn't needed anyways :-D

Drun Bang ability??? sounds like a winner to me Where do I buy the tickets???

you make me giggle.

AWESOME!! I'd be, if nothing else, pure WILD on the drums!! What I'd lack in quality I'd make up for in pure DRUM-BANG-ABILITY!! DBA-ALL THE -WAY!! You'd drive Jen and Aether CRAAAZZYY on that ba<x>se!! Yeah bayyybeeeee!

i knew you'd like that danged unicorn!!! heehee.... i can totally picture us in a girl band, rocking this song LIKE WE MEAN IT. you be the drummer and i'll be the bassist cuz i know that Aether and Jenni have a thing for female basists!! :0] :0] :0]

WOWWW WOOB's I TOTALLY LOVED the song and the rockin girls singing it!! I really wanna be the drummer in that group!! It had me from the start with the unicorn and the rainbow!! <br />
Thanks and thanks and MORE thanks!! You're such an AWESOME makes me feel really special to have you as a friend...... hugs and hugs ♥ ♥ ♥