My tacky approach to hubs ex..and THEN.... I decided to have some fun on this thread!! :D

This thread was just wayyyy too I was just watching my ninja buddy who has agreed to help me teach dancing while jumping rope and this song totally stuck me!!  It's a wayy newer version then the old one but it is totally cool and fun and brings a smile to this otherwise grumpy sounding thread!!!

Just in case that didn't sheer anyone up.....try this one!!!  I got a cranking cold and half a case of medicine head and this got me totally laughing!!  All of this is wayyy more fun then talking about hubs ex anyways!!

I feel guilty that I acted like this now....I put an update about it down in comments.....I was  tacky...very tacky.....She was a ***** but I didn't have to be tacky......*sigh*

 One of hubs ex's wandered into the gym while I was teaching one of my dance classes.... The woman KNOWS hubs isn't there.... This is the one he lived with for almost a year....She never got the ring she was angling for but got shown the door instead and she still has an attitude about it.  I wasn't even in the picture then. She was long gone by the time I arrived but she  didn't hesitate to get in touch with me and my MOM and say some horrible things about K...

Now  this is 14 years later mind you and STILL she wanders thru....Not so much to flirt with hubs or any of the other guys....She more just wants to glare at me now!  She is well into her 50's and shows every day of it....  That wouldn't matter if she wasn't looking at me like that.... 

I was teaching a belly dance move but when I saw her lurking out in reception...  watching me..... with that mean look plastered all over her face....I put this one on the big screen and let her get an eyeful......If I can't do one other thing in this world.....I can flippin DANCE!!  My girls LOVED it too.....

Maybe it was a little mean....maybe a LOT....but I don't care.....T finally went over to her.  He knew just what was goin on  too....and talked to her for a second and still she watched me with that mean face....I just danced all the sexier....  Once she stomped out he cracked up and told me I was bein "bad" but she had it coming....

I swear if this song would have been popular back when I first met hubs......I'd have put it on and did my lil  routine for him then too...

My dancer girls are soooo good!!  They can TOTALLY  move it like they mean it to this  baby too!!  I really taught those girls GOOD!!  They  SIZZLE!!  YeaHHH!! 

I LOVE this song!! 

UPDATE, for grumpy person is down in comments...I was just too darn lazy to copy and paste it and move it up here!
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Sie--<br />
Both of the new videos are quite enjoyable--<br />
I must state however that I rather enjoyed the thread as it was.<br />
I adore your--fiery side--<br />
I would enjoy seeing--more--of it! ;-)

aww thanks....You like my fire cause your own burns pretty hot sometimes too! You just need somebody to keep up with ya!! I'm still looking for what you wrote about on my wb.....I'm hoping it was the song......... :D

Haha, Sie! She deserved everything you gave her - and we deserve a video! [grin!]<br />
<br />
And as for your remark about her being in her fifties - we both are, and found nothing offensive about the remark at all! You weren't condemning those of us who are in our fifties, seemed obvious enough!

aww thanks WCBD..... I totally never say or think anything mean about someone being in their 50's or past!! My hubs is 54 and my folks are in their 60's and they all flippin ROCK A LOT of my favorite folks and women I admire the MOST are in that age group!!

Aww thanks Looking4..... ♥ I TOTALLY agree that toxic folks climb on their own treadmill and just keep running faster to get nowhere. hugs and hugs tough guy. I'll TOTALLY do the dance for you later....Maybe after this wonky cold goes away...right now I look like Rudolf the red nosed dance teacher!! Wouldn't look so hot doin a sexy dance!! :O

Sie--<br />
I am always left to admire your self evaluative skills.<br />
I also greatly appreciate your willingness to take in and utilize the thoughts of others--<br />
as a way to move beyond a given concern.<br />
You are a most impressive woman.<br />
You demonstrated--<br />
with these thoughts--<br />
one of the most profound differences--<br />
between yourself and this woman.<br />
Conscience.<br />
While you sought to determine and admit your possible motivation.<br />
She will do no more then continue to despise you.<br />
Her actions have nothing to do with me.<br />
Her ineffectual manipulations are her concern.<br />
Her toxic nature repels myself and others.<br />
Your depth holds myself and others--<br />
fast and loyal.<br />
She--<br />
and others like her--<br />
will never comprehend this.<br />
What toxic individuals cannot comprehend--<br />
they hate.<br />
It fuels their dysfunction and continues their destructive cycles.<br />
Dismiss her.<br />
She holds no worth or value.<br />
I still wish I could have seen--the dance.<br />
It would have brought me nothing but joy! ;-)<br />
No matter your motivation for doing it.

Great song. Why would you feel tacky...if you got it:)

Aww thanks moon..... hugs...

She came in looking for trouble so you gave it to her. So I don't think you were tacky at all. <br />
<br />
<br />
Just remember Sie...........sometimes when you turn the other cheek, they'll smack it too.

Aww thanks to you too jacee.... I love it when my buddies, "get" me..... ♥ I also gotta write down that saying about gettin BOTH cheeks smacked....that is sorta PRICELESS!! hugs and hugs

You do know the only two people you have to worry about pleasing is yourself and Hubs right??? And from the comment he made earlier I think he's fine with what you did so that just leaves yourself. Stop worrying about how you reacted......and the comment about her showing her age........I think that's true for everyone regardless of age. Your spirit and beauty will always reflect through your face. And if you're of sad or mean spirit then that will show through as well. And it's the same regardless of age.

Hubs was fine with it...I think he'd have been ok if I had gone out and popped her....He really dislikes her..... You're right tho...I swear you'd get along with my mom sooooo well too!! I just feel sucky when I act as bad as the folks who tick me off. but it's the instincts in the moment and they get right away from me.....I do feel better now tho,,,,,, I guys are always sooooo AWESOME in lifting me out of my schlumpy times.... Thanks sooo much for that... ♥

jacee1960--as always--your warm words and candid thoughts sooth my wife. I thank you for this. It is always a pleasure to see.

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hmm ... well you went on instinct and looking back had a bit of fun with it too. Why the heck not? <br />
<br />
As for grating on a few feelings with the "women in their fifties" comment ... personally being one of those said women, it certainly doesn't bother me ... life isn't a competition where I have to prove myself to anyone - whether that's a younger, attractive woman or another fifty year old ... in any case ... you have every right to say what you see ... her actions were totally ba<x>sed on petty jealousy and you were right to react. <br />
<br />
((hugs to you my friend))

Aww thanks Bliss.....hugs and hugs....You nailed ISN'T a competition....I know TONS of women in that age group and way own MOM is one... and they're totally cool with just who they are and they leave me in TOTAL awe of who they are and I'm filled with admiration for them.... Folks can see the BEST in each other if they want to.... Thanks for understanding how I went so wonky too,,,I sooo needed to hear that today..... ♥

Well stated womaninbliss and very true.

I can be sooooo tacky sometimes.....I swear....I bug myself BIG TIME sometimes when i do things like this......<br />
<br />
I sorta feel guilty about this whole thing now. NOT that I wrote about it...that's just the truth of it and I own my crap when I go and get all petty and tacky and the way I acted was both. I still think she had something due her for walking in a business she know darn well is owned by hubs and I and she also knows I teach dance classes in the gym so she didn't just wander on in.....She came in looking to be a ***** and she was....<br />
<br />
What I am bummed about is how I acted......In my own way I was just as bad as her....... I picked this darn song for a reason probably only I understand too. Cause one part of the song reminded me of how stupid she acted one time when she came into the one club hubs took all his staff to on weekends wayy back when we were first getting together... hubs and I were sort of involved...quietly......meaning.. we were getting it on but neither of us had told anyone. Not that they didn't all see a change in how he acted but we thought we were doing ok...... :D<br />
<br />
Hubs had totally stopped bringing other dates to "club nights" and he did spend all his time dancing with me....She wandered in and like tried to get "all over him" now he was hubs and scraped her off in a flash but this song always reminds me of her acting that way.... That's why I put it on...... I danced the way I did just to be my own version of a *****....Yup.....I can totally stoop to being that way sometimes...... I know she hates me cause I'm younger and can move the way I do....It all worked in my mind right then..but it was still real tacky and even a little immature on my part..... She has no business hatin on me cause it wasn't like I boss-napped him away from her....She screwed her chances with him up long before I showed up....But I got him and that pissed her right off..... That is tacky on her part but me rubbing her nose in it makes me just as tacky too..... bummer.... I probably just shoulda walked out and decked the *****....... :D...Ok...that was even tackier but it cracked me right up to type it!! <br />
<br />
I feel better that I owned up to this on here. I would have stuck it up in the original story but folks tell me I drive them crazy with letting my stories get wayyyy too I am trying to behave myself with that too..... I am undergoing a REDEMPTION WEEKEND!!! <br />
<br />
Forgive me EP for I have been tacky and long winded....... :D

No one is perfect, eh? Sometimes you have to let off steam and now that you got it all off your chest, be an angel again! lol

so true rickichicki--so true.

Love tha song! You know if Hubs were happy with her and she gave him what he one could have ever turned his head......why would she want someone that was crazy for someone else and after so many years? Maybe she is studying you because she wants to be you....Sad when a woman plays games in the hope that she can get her claws into him and keep him in a place his heart doesn't want to be.....

TToJ, .Folks like her are hard to figure....Some times I don't think they ever figure themselves out and maybe that is a big part of their problem...thanks for stopping by... :)

Feel a bit sorry for her, she sounds one sad tragic lady. I would however LOVE to do a belly dancing with you. I've done zumba and burlesque, funny rather than sexy, i'm sure! You are so much fun

Aww thanks Kat...I'd LOVE to have you in a class!!

I was just thinking...I would LOVE to take a burlesque class!! I never have and I bet it's a LOT of fun!! Zumba ROCKS!!

we would have so much fun! I'm good mates with my spin and body pump instructor (we got kids the same age) and we have a right laugh. Burlesque is great but I cant do the shoes. Damn it all!! No way.... not me.... dancing in heels is wrong wrong wrong

I don't think you owe anyone an explanation, apology or anything else for how you responded to that woman. Attitudes beget attitudes and you have every right not to deal with hers. I for one refuse to deal with that. And I don't really give a rat's rear who it comes from. So you just keep doing what is right for you.<br />
<br />
<br />
And you're absolutely right......a bad attitude will always make a person ugly regardless of how beautiful they may be.

Aww thanks jacee... hugs and hugs..♥.Nope I never owe folks an explanation but I talk to a lot of peeps in pm and even on these threads and I sort of like to let them know where my heads at with some things. All I have to work with on ep is my words so I try to explain whats going on..sometimes it works really well..I have actually become buddies with a couple of folks who use to be total trolls with me....I am forever telling folks to communicate so I try to use that skill as much as possible myself. I'm never shy about pulling back and deleting or blocking them if they get too miserable....but for me the challenge is in getting them to sort of "get" where I am coming from and in turn, me trying to see where they are coming from too...... said it....Nothing screams UGLY quite like a sucky personality and a soup puss on their face to match it!! The plainest looking person on earth can have a sweet personality and shine as beautiful as the sun..... Attitude carries a LOT of weight in how folks view other folks.....

LOL That should have been SOUR PUSS on their face and not SOUP...I'm starved and it's showing in my typing now!! :D

Sie--<br />
Judging from what I have been told by T--a few others--and yourself--<br />
and now reading this--<br />
I must say--<br />
I am quite sorry--<br />
I missed that dance-- ;-)<br />
Watching your lovely form in motion--<br />
is always a treat!<br />
<br />
The ex--<br />
was then--<br />
and is to this very day--<br />
a malicious creature--<br />
Her primary goal has always been--<br />
blind materialistic acquisitions--<br />
coupled with an overt need to manipulate others--<br />
<br />
My time with her was never defined as any sort of commitment.<br />
From the onset--<br />
it was merely a--trial--arrangement.<br />
I was fast approaching my fortieth birthday--<br />
I was rather concerned that I had yet to enjoy a successful relationship.<br />
I wanted to see if living in closer proximity to another--<br />
would in some way--<br />
generate a higher degree of closeness.<br />
It did quite the opposite.<br />
I walked away from that time with an even more dubious opinion of females.<br />
<br />
My lovely Sie changed all that.<br />
Her utter lack of--<br />
agendas--<br />
materialistic seeking--<br />
manipulative behaviors--<br />
Utterly captivated me.<br />
I remain captivated by those same qualities today.<br />
Finding the right mate--<br />
is very much akin to--<br />
one who is dying of thirst--<br />
coming upon a flowing spring of fresh water.<br />
<br />
The ex--<br />
harbors ill will towards you--<br />
because you are all she is not--<br />
and never will be.<br />
by her own choice.<br />
<br />
Sie--<br />
I also applaud your reply to the angry individual who appeared in your inbox.<br />
More and more--my love--<br />
I see that fiery side of your nature emerge.<br />
I utterly enjoy that.<br />
I find it--delightful! ;-)

Aww thanks rough guy!! You weren't so hard to figure out!! You just needed some "REAL" and not all the schmarmy fake stuff so many folks try to throw around....That worked fine for me cause I've never been good with any of the schmarm anyway!!
I agree too.....more and more I just come right on out and speak my piece to some of these folks. I might as well....They aren't all that shy about saying stuff to me...might as well return the favor!! :D

You keep me pretty darn captivated too..... :) ♥

aww jeez, I just knew I would end up ticking somebody off with saying this woman looked everyday her age. I did...and just got totally reamed out in a pm... I'll answer it here and it'll be a response to anyone else thinking along these lines....I am sorta lazy when it comes to this stuff.... :D Here goes...<br />
<br />
I wasn't being a ***** I was just being honest and maybe NOT so politically correct in how I said it but the fact is NOTHING makes a person look older and more drained and saggy then a mean face and rotten personality..... I'm sorry, but it's true..... If she had a bright smile and a decent personality... I would have seen the beauty about her instead. <br />
<br />
I never...ever... think I am all hot ****..... Cause I'm NOT....Neither is anybody else in my book either. We're all just people trying to live a life...period... Ya gotta remember I have already been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's so by the time I am her age I could easily be a drooling lump in a wheelchair....If nothin else, I am a realist....but....that doesn't change the fact this woman is a mean *****. I saw it and wrote about it.<br />
<br />
What I did wasn't all that nice but I don't think she deserved nice....I'm a sub and not the boldest person in any crowd but I'm no angel and no doormat either.... I did what I did and am not a bit sorry I did it. If that makes me a rotten person too, in someones eyes then that's the way it is and I can totally accept it..... I'm good with who I am and I'm also ok with not everybody liking me or agreeing with what I do..... That's life....

Some women just can't loose! I have to admit that it hurts to loose but what the f#ck? It wasn't your fault that he broke up with her!

Aww thanks ricki....hugs and hugs ♥ She just decided she hates me cause I ended up with him and after all these years we're still happy. If only she'd take a good look at what SHE did to wreck it and not be hating on me she might be able to figure out what went wrong....maybe not just with ONLY K either......Rotten attitudes are worse then bad breath and BO in killing off a relationship....I've seen it happen a LOT. Sometimes folks just decide they want someone cause of how they look or what they have and never stop to consider who that person really is....K runs way deeper then a materialist person would ever realize.....I saw that right away.... Good thing too!! :D

you need to quit worrying about being nice, shyts over rated and just deal with the beoyches. she came into your place wearing a tude. screw her. i just wish i could have seen the dance.

I don't worry a bit about her cause you're right... she came into our business looking to be mean......She got an eyeful too. T said she wasn't thrilled when he was grinning at me either!! She told him they were ALL old fools.....and left. She, at first said she was thinking about taking a membership and getting back in shape....Yeahhhh right... Like there aren't a million other gyms wayyy closer to where she lives.....Why do some of the smartest people say the dumbest things??? If you join a dance class I'll even TEACH you how to do that dance!! ;)

Wow!! ... talk about holding a flame ... or a grudge ..... *grins*

I know right!! She was the last one he was with before he came up with the plan he had going when I met him.....He told the women straight out. " I take you to 3 nice meals..your pick of the place....I bed you 5 times and it's relationship, no commitment....It's an arrangement with a beginning and END." They jumped at the chance and then bitched when the end came and they hadn't changed his mind.....I think it was this women who finally convinced poor just wasn't worth it.... and she's all pissy at me STILL!! It's not my fault I was just more fun!! :D

sie WINS !!!! ..... yaaaaaayyy !!! ......... (so does hubs) ..... :o))))

aww hugs and hugs...... ♥