A Tribute To Timely And Welcome Departures.

My love--
I am always left feeling the deepest gratitude--
for deceitful liars who view me as--
Unbeknownst to them--
they pay homage to my wise discernment.
For them--
I leave this tribute--

looking4mywife looking4mywife
51-55, M
3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

i always miss the good shyt. who what where when? somebody better catch me up. somebody called you judgmental K? well shyt aint that just like telling a camel he has humps!<br />
i judge a lot of the fuktards in here to be fuktards. so what? i still want the scoop.

It simply is not worth repeating.

Nobody is gonna tell you anything myaah cause all you'd do is go troll em....
I totally cracked up with your saying callin K judgmental is like tellin a camel he's got humps......... :D That ROCKED!!

If she promises to--troll--I might reconsider sharing the information with her.

im always good for a troll run now spill it.

I see you have acquired a new avatar. How very fitting. =D

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LOL loved the song choice :-D

Thank you kindly jacee1960. As always--your words are a breath of fresh air amid the stale stench of Ep idiocy.

awwwww ♥ for jacee..... :)

K....this was AWESOME and real true!!! I love this song anyways but it does sorta fit today....<br />
**paying homage to the judgmental rough guy!!** :D ♥

Thank you--my love.
I see from your message--
that this song is still rather fitting for today.
I welcome all blocking--
if others are simply too delicate--
or sensitive for a rational approach--
then I utterly support their insuring their ability--
to avoid your threads--
and my thoughts--
by blocking me.
Good--*******--riddance to them all. =D

There ya go being a judgmental ***** again......Jeez..I LOVE ya that way too ♥

Thank you--my love. ;-)