Life Is Best When Lived Fully

We all need an anthem to celebrate given moments--
I felt this was suitable for one such moment .
I am quite sure you will recognize my meaning--
contained within--

Observing you instruct your class was quite the treat.
Your warmth--charm and skill--
merge into the ideal combination for your students.
Their enjoyment is obvious--
as is their delight in all you bring to their time with you.

This song again ties in--
quite nicely--
Enjoy it--my love.

looking4mywife looking4mywife
51-55, M
5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Aww.... I just heard this song on Grooveshark and I totally thought of this......It's funny how sometimes the simplest things dig in so deep and stay..... Nice too..I just had to wander over and let you know I was totally thinkin of you and your anthem!! ♥

Thank you--my love.
I have an anthem to celebrate moments such as these these--
as well--
a need and desire to recognize them--
knowing of the value--
I see within them--
because I have you--
You clear my visions--
and create them.

Ludacris is a step up but he fukked it over with getting usher on the job. good tune all the same. this do fit you dude.

You were one busy bee in here!! Luda rocks sometimes.... but Usher ROCKSSSS like a mountain....ALL the time!! Says me....... I LOVE this song!! tip toes out before the tough girl throws something at me!! :D

Thank you kindly myaah.
I am not a usual fan of Usher's but I did enjoy this.

I had to listen to this again too and it still gave me that awesome chill up my spine!! This is one of those songs that I'll never get tired of it.....for the rest of my life....♥

I am most pleased.
Anything which directs a chill upon that exquisite spine of yours--
is indeed a most worthy effort.

I just had to come back and listen to this again......You'll be hearin this a LOT today!! It's my NEW favorite song!! ♥ ♥ ♥ For the Rest of MY Life...... maybe......... I love Luda saying he has to close his eyes to open his soul.... I actually love the whole thing....

You might be born for the fast life....but I'll always ride shotgun with ya rough guy.... ;)

I too found those lyrics quite moving.
Indeed you will always be by my side-- ;-)

Awwwwwwwwwww.......This is so PERFECT! I swear, they could have written it for what we were talkin on this morning.....♥.....

I've never seen this one before either....It's hard to think that smooth club/love song, singer Usher teamed up with bad boy Luda.... Awesome job tho!! This is one of those songs that gives ya a nice chill listening to it....

Just to take it all one step more......Whether you're flyin thru the clouds, surfin BIG waves or racing along on your bike all those paths lead right back to our cozy world together....
I LOVED the dancer-girl in the vid too...... When they were flying over all the jagged, snow covered land it made me think of hard times we sail right on past too... hugs and hugs for being the captain of that boat that always floats me to save shores....... Here's to toasting the rest of our lives together....... How did I ever get so lucky to have you???? ♥ ♥ ♥ Some lucky star was shining on me the day I met you....
You TOTALLY made my whole day with this one.....A really wonderful surprise....

With this new set up you can totally take "sneaky peeks" at me in my dance classes too! That's sorta wiggly to think about.... ;) Then again...YOU'RE the WIGGLIEST thought I have!! Thanks rough guy......♥

I am so pleased you enjoyed it.
It did indeed fit the moment and topic.
Your luck--
is certainly no greater then my own.
To see you--my love
was the goal in my design of your new space.
While I support your business venture--
I never wish to lose sight of your enchanting form. ;-)