Just One Last Time

Many times I walk through my day living the life I live. By the time the day ends, I find myself walking slowly taking a deep breath and sighing. It is the same repetition. My soul, my heart, everything that makes up who I am is stained by the repetitive pain that has transcended anger, rage, sorrow, and has leveled off to balance that of happiness. I miss her so much that I'd give the world to live for that feeling once again...

IridescentSkies IridescentSkies
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

It can be hard some times especially at such a young age. I myself recently realized that I had hidden the pain away from the fact that my ex husband remarried - I guess it has hit home that I will have to live by my decision to grow old alone. I have always said that this is my desire and need. I will truly be alone and I think I will be alright, I really do, and yet, there does seem to be a longing for some contact, but not a full on relationship. I dont want the drama and trauma anymore of loving someone, I want a few pets, and maybe bea cougar again and have a youngling male live with me and.. shall we say..keep me compnay and have the best time of his life? Cackle! Krazy Aunt Kim, Indeed!