Something Cheerful To Welcome A New Day.


Just in cast that was not quite enough to make you smile--my love.
I thought this was rather nice as well.

looking4mywife looking4mywife
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Awwww. I just had to stop over and give these both another listen.....hugs and hugs rough guy!! ♥

I am so pleased you continue to enjoy them--my love.
I now need to seek out some more--
disgraceful ones--
in keeping with your newest pursuits! ;-)

Aw Looking I love when you do this for Sie! You're the bestest Hubs EVER and your not even mine!

Thank you kindly Caramelicious. :-)

Oh K you are most welcome. Honestly I hope to have a Hubs like you someday :)

BID waves to Caramel!! I hope you get one just like K too! ♥ If he had a single bro I'd send him over to ya!!

Awe thanks Sis <3

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Awwwww thanks rough guy!! I loved them both. I don't think I've ever heard the top one before but the bottom was is one of my favorites right now!! You make my mornings pretty darn AWESOME too rough guy!! sure do......and my nights.....Oh Yeah baby!!...THEY TOTALLY ROCK..... and my days too!! All of it!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am pleased you enjoyed them.
I have noticed the later selection--
playing quite often recently.
Thank you--my love
for all the kind flattery as well. ;-)