Thinking Good Thoughts

I woke up today to my 18 year old getting all dolled up and happy to go to a bike rally. It's part of a fundraiser for the organization that my daughter volunteers for. Then my younger too were laughing and playing around. It is really wonderful watching them grow into the people they are. My oldest has had some issues, but in all I've done a pretty good job. I have some great kids.

I love this video too. The chick in this video so reminds me of me when I was like 16 and 17. I even had a pair of hose like hers. I ripped mine on purpose though. kinda was the thing back then to have them ripped and the garter belt showing. I wasn't all that innocent at that age.
RhombusInTheSquare RhombusInTheSquare
41-45, F
Feb 9, 2013