I constantly have a song stuck in my head... which is both a blessing and a curse as I'm sure you know. lol The other day I had an Avril Lavigne song stuck in my head that I havent heard in years. Right now I have a combo of Boot Scootin Boogy (thanks to a comment from my mother in law today) and ICP's Neden Game (juggalette for life homies) I listen to all types of music so I have horrible combinations stuck in my head all the time. There is no radio in my car so its good to know I can always carry a tune in my head. Anyone have a tip to get rid of a song if its REALLY stuck there? I dont care if its just a way to replace it with a different song its just that sometimes I cant stand it!
ladyjenova ladyjenova
26-30, F
Apr 11, 2011