Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On

I could sit here all night and rattle off sexy songs, but I think Joe Cockers...You Can Leave Your Hat On... is one of my fav's.  I hear the song and think about me sitting in a wooden straight backed chair in the middle of a old brick style loft room with dim lighting.  Wearing only a white wife beeter undershirt and sporting the old style pin-stripe suite pants with the suspenders hanging off my hips to the side...sweat from the heat beading down my chisled chest and neck...waiting for my erotic sexy woman to come from the bedroom.  Ahhh...there she is...yeah making me anxious and nervous now!  She saunters over to the entertainment system and pushes play...the music's smooth and she stands there teasingly, hands on her hips swaying to the beat.  She comes closer revealing her attire...she has chosen a black see through teddy with a choker and cut-outs for her pendulous breast to jut out from, accompanied by a matching garterbelt and suspenders with black stockings, while finishing off her erotic look wearing black hooker come **** me heels.  She seductively raises her arms to hold her black Capone style gangster hat in place as she slowly turns around and bends over at the hips, showing me she has neglected to wear any panties and proudly turns back to look at me and shake her hips with the music.  She straightens back up turning around and very slowly starts to undo her choker while pulling down her teddy and looking straight at me she slips it down over her garterbelt and stockings leaving it in a heap on the floor.  She finally reaches me and lifts her leg only to rest it down against my hardness, slowly and sensuously she rubs her hands up and down her stocking covered leg before finally releasing the garterbelt suspenders from her stockings and of course rolling them slowly down her leg and off her lovely painted toes.  She repeats the same agonizingly slow ***** tease for the other leg, while gently massaging my hardness with those magnificent talented toes, bringing me to a sexual high only to pause and keep me close to erupting.  Now naked with only her gangster hat on she sways and rolls her shapley hips with the beat of the music finally taking the hat and crisply tossing it onto the coat rack beside the front door!   Looking back she has turned and bent over again at the hips right there in front of me, snaking her arm between her thighs she motions me with her slender finger to come closer.  Leaning up, mesmarized by her finger I move forward until I feel the wettness of her inner woman rubbing upon my nose and she smells heavenly.  She starts using my nose and lips to further her arousal by bending repeatedly at her knees, coating my face with her hot essence, rubbing her smooth shaven ***** up and down upon my face.  After many minutes of this intense arousal technique she straightens and turns around grabbing at my pants, accomplishing to pull my boxers down as well.  She places her hands behind my head while mashing our mouths together in a soulful erratic tongue dual and suddenly I feel her warmth and wetness sliding down the lenght of my manhood, only stopping when she bottoms out and our union has become that of one!!  Man can that song make the brain start thinking!?!?          
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May 7, 2012