Living With Soon to Be Family

Okay.. I love my soon to be sister-in-law I really do she is great.. but sometimes she just drives me up the freakin wall..I mean she gets on my nerves because we butt heads so much.. and I just wanna hit her.. the worst part is she lives with us so I have to deal with her all the time.. like I rarely get time away from her.. again I do love her.. but she just argh.. I don't know she makes me crazy.. 

krisg04 krisg04
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

yeah I know.. its been this way for about 2 years lol.. she moved in when she got pregnant with my nephew.. I mean like I said I do love her lol.. but we fight constantly well not so much now I guess but sometimes it gets really really bad.. I have almost kicked her butt a time or two.. lol

Oh - I feel for you on this one!! I have the SAME thing. <br />
WARNING: it gets NO better ....