Ah Can't Help It

Funny, I've always thought that I avoided sounding like the people here, in this place that I've lived all my life.. sometimes they'll even point it out themselves, with the way that I pronounce certain words. But alas, it shows when ever I speak to someone from out of this state/country and they make sure that I know it, haha. I used to hate the fact that I had a slight Southern accent.. 'cause you can hear it VERY prominent in a lot of people here, and it's just not too flattering. But I've come to not think so harsh of it, especially since there are varying degrees. Nevermind what preconceptions some people may have when they hear me, I'll kill them! ;)
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Interesting, it's always bothered me in a lot of people around here.. but perhaps it's just 'cause I hear it so much. Other accents appeal to me quite a lot actually. But aye, like I said, I must be hearing myself differently than from how I actually sound.. I don't notice the accent much myself, but online friends over the years through voice chat certainly have.. haha. Shame my old mic broke! Figure they're not too expensive, tho.

lol now I wanna hear it! I love southern accents!