I can imagine it now....
Your warm breath on my neck, "Hush hush, darling!" ... I manage to whisper, "stop" between muffled giggles. I don't know why you find it to be so amusing to tickle me, though I do love your strong but gentle touch.
I swing my leg around your hip and my body slides closer to you now, and your hands know exactly where to go. You place one arm right under my head, and caress my back with that hand; with the other, you gently massage the nape of my neck as our lips embrace. I can't believe how addicting it is to kiss you, I can never get enough of it.
Our legs tangled, our arms locked in embrace, we fall asleep as you shower me with your subsiding kisses.
The most peaceful sleep....
But I shake my head, coming out of this fantasy, and wrap my arms tight around myself. It's cold, and my bed is empty besides my lone body. For, you are not here..
AmityCalamity AmityCalamity
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 15, 2011

Miss me already sweetie? ... Psssst I'll be back soon<br />
(this is good, u r good !!)

mmm , id love to embrace your naked body. xxx

Oh, well aren't you just a witty sexy thaaang?

I WILL be waiting, no pressure! :P