I Wish My Husband Would Spank Me Again

He used to spank me during role play and he never hit me that hard. It was just a swat on my butt and he told me that is how hard you hit kids. But yet they cry over that and he said it hurts for him more but it never hurts them really. No marks or nothing, no injuries. Just a swat on the butts and they are hit like maybe three times when it happens.

But then he stopped doing it because I was enjoying it too much. But yet as a kid I hated being spanked because it hurt a lot and I remember being spanked on my bare skin and it would sting. Now I have came to like it as an adult even though I have not been spanked since 1995. But mom apologized then because she has lost her temper when she did it and left my skin red so it hurt when I sit down on my bedroom carpet.

When I would get spanked, I would feel like a child and it was part of our game and then he stopped that punishment. I wish he start doing it again. I certainly don't want adult spankings. But yet I enjoy reading spanking stories online. I find it hot when men hit their wives on the butt even if I wouldn't want it to happen to me because they all get adult spankings. I do think there is a difference between that and abuse and it depends on how it's done. But if they enjoy it, I see no abuse.

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can I paddled your assistance real hard!!!

Guessing that explaining this and asking him didn't work?

Sounds like he isn't really a spanko, or he'd know how to spank you so it hurts but is sexy and exciting all at the same time. And then you'd love it. Good luck in finding someone who can do that for you!

How old were you when you got your last Spanking in 1995?

Take something away from him then and see how he likes it. Tell him you expect the spankings to continue or you will have to seek out others to spank you. Let him know how important this is to you.


I understand how you feel. I enjoy spanking and being spanked. When I met my wife she let me spank her. But now she refuses to. She told me she let me in the beginning to get her to like her more. But now that we have been married she won't do it. I know how it feels to have this craving and it not be fulfilled. It drives you crazy.