He's Back

Gosh - It's been a while since I've posted a story here..  EP is mostly my escape from this group.  I've had a perfectly good weekend..  Woke early today.. good coffee..  good conversations.  I was taking a glorious nap not long ago only to be awoken by the torrant screams of my 12 y/o son..  OMG - did he cut his hand off?  What happened?  As I jumped out of bed, I found he was having problems getting his computer to charge back up.  The charger connection was not connecting.  Mind you, we just spend about $300 dollars to have this fixed from the last time.  When he's frustrated, he jams the damn thing in with the full force of his hands..  well of course it's broke again..  DS was in full meltdown mode again.  Screaming, crying, stomping yelling..  at this age now he's also starting to get physical with me at well. 

The house is is full of little reminders of these escapades..  Two of our bedroom door jams are completely torn out of the walls.  We have several walls which have huge holes kicked in and the pantry door is simply hanging by a thread..  It's a lovely existance....  Of course he feels better now that HE'S settled down.. and Oh So Sorry!....  Next thing he'll be laughing his head off watching Sponge Bob Square pants wondering why the heck I'm so grumpy...  Gotta Love the Kid..   No Seriously - I HAVE TO LOVE HIM..  He's my son..  (see my poem - Fallen Child if you doubt that I care).

p.s. -- PLEASE..  No parenting advise..  We've heard it all..  done it all and got the gosh darn tee shirt...  All will be worked out thru God's help and our very expensive therapist team... 

Just needed to unload..

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Thanks for you comments Nan and MSP... I can't help but laugh at that 'patience' comment; I used to actually 'pray' for patience, until I realized God kept putting me into situations where I HAD to BE patient or go nuts.. be careful what you pray for is my advise... LOL Living & growing every day.<br />
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~this too shall pass~ or so the saying goes.

I have a mini one of those and Oh boy can I feel you darlin'. Just the other day, knowing d@mn well he's not allowed chocolate, my brother gives him a hunk! Yep, in true "Tank" fashion he turned into my terror child. It took all of my might to buckle him into the car seat while he beat and pounded at my face, head and neck the entire time. I know it wasn't really him but doesn't mean I can't cry afterwards. He's got some power for a little guy. <br />
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*heavy sigh* <br />
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...and I can still hear me saying thank goodness to whomever/whatever being that gave me the gift of patience. He's a handful but he's MY handful.... and I love him dearly.

Hi, Sabrina! Hope you are feeling a little less overwhelmed by now. I do not have a special needs child myself, but we do have one in the family. He has a temper, but is rarely violent. But he does need a lot of attention and care, of course. He is grown up now, a young man, but still a lovely child within, and everyone in the family is very fond of him. We seem to have some things in common - I spent years working in hospitals (administration), then more years as a first aid attendant for a remote community. And now, of course, like you I am pursuing the work I truly love, creativity.

Thanks Jarod - He does make me laugh too.. <br />
~ thanks for bringing a smile ~

Though I haven't seen too many episodes, I can say I am a fan of Sponge Bob