I Have 3 Children With Special Needs

I have a 12 year old that is diagnosed with asperges syndrom.  He is a high functioning autistic.  The hard part is that he looks normal but has a high IQ and no social skills.  He is most comfortable talking with adults as an equal more that kids his own age.  When he was in second grade he got interested in the mechanics of steam engines and explained this to all he met.  The kids at his school were into pokemon and he could care less about it.  This just made him more of an outcast.  By the time he was halfway through 2nd grade he didn't want to live any more and we moved him to an alternative school.  He is starting 7th grade now and has been transitioned back into the mainstream school system again.  This was his choice as he saw that his eduacation was not going to get him further that just through school.  His goal is to become a doctor specializing in artifical limbs.  So far I think that he can attain it once he sets his mind toward a goal the aspergers kicks in and he stays the course.  If only people could see this as well.  He is gifted in math and science but still has a hard time writing,  but is a wiz with the keyboard.

My daughter is 8 and is starting 3rd grade this fall.  She had been Diagnosed with add-nos.  She also has sensory issues with bright lights and loud sounds.  I am amazed with how far special education has come since my oldest was in school.  She currently is 95% of the time in the classroom with an aid about 10% of that time.  The amount of assistance has been going down as she has learned to stay on task.  We still think that she has aspergers but as an emerging disorder we will not really be able to know until laster this year.

My youngest is 5 and he was taken into the early intervention preschool for delayed speech.  He can speak well enough that starngers can understand him most of the time.  Every once in a while I need to translate for him so he can be understood.  He is amazing in the sense that he is willing to wait until he can be understood even if it takes an hour.  He has also been diagnoses with add-nos.

I can not tell you how crazy my house is at times but you will never find a more sympathetic group of kids.  If someone is hurt my oldest gets the emergency kit my daughter draws a picture and the youngest will hug you until you feel better.

I would have to say the worst part is when other parents do not recognize the challenges we face and assume the kids are normal and mesure them by that mark. 

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I am with u

Just found this story. Good job soundman. Your kids are blessed to have you as their dad. I have a 3 year old adopted daughter that has some special needs but we are mot sure what yet. I wonder if she has Oppositional-defiant disorder, just not sure. She is very intelligent and social. Her bio mom used drugs during pregnancy so she is left with some effects from that. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

you sound like an amazing mother!

My three yr old has just entered the early intervention program for speech and we are attempting to find a diagnosis for his other issues. He is quite the handful and not always understood due to his behavior issues but I wouldn't trade him for the world. I commend you and your hard work.