My Little Man Is a Fighter

I was induced a month early due to complications and the birth became a trying experience. After 18 hours of hard labor, no drugs, and a doctor that was MIA, my son finally came out on his own. The replacement doc walked into the room just in time to pick him up from the bed, wrap him, show him to me for seconds and ran out the door. He spent a week in the NICU with shaved spots on his head for IV's and a feeding tube and all sorts of things stuck to him. It broke my heart! I went into a severe depression and was kept highly medicated while in the hospital but leaving without a baby was just a heart breaker. I wasn't allowed to drive and had to take Taxi's and rely on friends to get me there for feedings. If I missed one and the nurses had to do it, I would just sit and cry at the loss of my bonding time.

The first  year was hard... he struggled, fought, had set backs but made it though. He was born into a heavy hurricane season which didn't help. Days without power and a baby in need of air and a nebulizer didn't work out too well but we stuck it out until helped to evacuate. There were hospital stays and lots of ER visits when his breathing would stop. I didn't sleep for that first year, had to stay up and watch him, be there, in case his breathing stopped and he needed me to remind him to fight.

My son is now three. He's behind in speech about a year but is making tremendous progress. He is also undergoing testing to determine other needs that he may have. He has no fear and a high tolerance for pain so he's often hurt from things like climbing the back of the car or jumping from the stairs. He's very intelligent and proves it with his sneaky little plans. He has become a bit violent lately which scares me. He seems to do things just because and causes pain to you without realizing it. I'm always bruised up from him, being kicked in the stomach, busted lips and as of yesterday, several bruises on my foot where he continuously stomped on it.

He's not a bad child just a child that can't control certain actions. We are attempting to nail it down so we can all better serve his needs. I've gotten him into a special speech and development program that he attends daily. It's a regular public school and he is the youngest there but loves it. He's my special little man and I love him dearly.

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2007 was a long time ago but the changes, accomplishments and challenges all come back while reading this... thanks EP for keeping my thoughts for me.