Hi friends, well, next to us there is a real special family. the father works in the environment company of Arizona and the mother of our neighbor's family is ( KINDA) a chief. they have two daughters and a young boy also, daughters are kinda pretty and sweet and the boy is still too young ( i think he is about 6 or 7). Mrs. Smith is a kind hearted woman but she nags at me when I'm playing ( father and son ) baseball game, she also picks up on me when ever i want to take pics in their yard, you know their yard is exactly sicked to ours, and they have made nice decorations by the means of natural things like flowers, trees, ( as his husband is working in environmental company he knows his stuff well) so i have a big temptation to take photos and pictures there....
if you read this experience a day Mrs. Smith, please accept my deepest apologize for being such a messy guy about your beautiful garden and yard ( I'm sure she won't use internet, that is why I'm excusing her LMFAO :D :D :D )
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Lmao!!!!!!!!! if she read this, (certainly) she is gonna blow your *** off Martii..i never forget the day we had a fight with her..it was you who insist to get to her garden for taking pics..!!!
but she is a kind woman. been a long year that i haven't seen her, how is she? i hope she and her family do fine.
thanks for remembering the old days :)

hahahaha!! willi.....what's up? wo..she is just getting worse day by day...JK# LMAO!!....
she is just fine and designing their garden, sometimes i look at her activities up the window and i think she imagines me as a "creeper in her mind..hahahah XD XD