Redding Wing

In kindergarden, i was diagnosed with having a speech disorder. All throughout grade school, i attended a speech therapist.They encouraged me to continue throughout middle and high school but i declined due to embarressment. I couldn't prounounce the letters r and w correctly and always confused the two. Its better, but still noticeable.

The cruelness of the human race is unbelievable.
I vividly remember how during recess everyday throughout the 5th grade, my class would surround me a give me words to say and then laugh at me as i pronounced it wrong. Back then, i thought i was just being funny. But now, i realize how sick it was. They're favorite word that i would say? "Wedding Ring" as i would pronouce "Redding Wing". This marked the time where i really became self concious of the way i talked.

I cant begin to tell you how many times ive been told, "Do you have an accent?" Or how many times people imitate my voice just to be "funny". People think im quiet. Sure, im a little on the shy side but that is all caused by this speech disorder. Sometimes, its just easier to shut up than endure the ridicule from speaking.
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Good post. Thanks for sharing your story. I started this gropup and wrote it's first story,'Never really held me back."