Yes, In the Corner Over My Bed

I hate spiders. I'm so scared of them. But this spiders has been living there about a week now ... and I think it's okay. It's never come down to meet me when I was awake or noticed it and ... well, it's a good relationship. It just stays up there, I stay down here and that's kool.

Cause I told the spider: if it comes down to me, I'll smash it - cause I'm scared. And yesterday when it was in another corner of the room and there was some other spiders in its cobweb where it keeps something to eat ... I went over to my friendly spider and told her that there is someone else in her home on her food... but it didn't really care I think. Well, today it got back into its flat...

I might sound crazy.  I just pray it will stay up there ... it's so big...

GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Can't they "hear" through their webs? Talking to them makes sense to me. :D

I heard spiders are deaf... is that true? That would mean it's all pointless. +lol+

Wow i wish I were like you. I am so scared of spiders. Actually I am scared of anything with more than 4 legs.

I'll talk to bugs too. I have told a spider that I found that he had until morning to leave, but if I saw him again I would squish him. He was still there in the morning though :-(