Unwanted Friend

I have gained an unwanted friend over the last week or so... Now i live in the basement so i would suspect a few bugs here and there but geesh. centipedes, millipedes, spiders of all kinds, YUCK

so anyways back the unwanted friend, every time i get into bed at night, i see this huge spider pokin out from under one of my walls. Now i HATE spiders with a passion, especially the FAST ones... so yea the last few nights it has visited me late at night and i jus throw something at it and it hides again under my wall till the next night, like its some kind of game we are playin! i dun think so!

jus thinkin of it makes me shudder! yuck...

i was talkin on the phone with my bf the other night and he heard me scream, thats when i first found it.. he laughed soooooooo hard at me.. i HATE spiders... yuck

so i need to get rid of this unwanted friend of mine

im not playin a game here! lol

iGotMine8 iGotMine8
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1 Response Jul 19, 2007

ew so sorry. spiders are awful