Ah Ara My Spirit Guide And Closest Friend

My name is Kyle, this si the first time I have openly taked about my experience and beliefes with Spirit Animals.
I never believed in it before, Totemists and spirit guides. I thought it was just somethng Native Americans did because of their connection to Earth. I never thought twice about it. Until I was visited by Ah Ara and her pack in a dream.

Recently I have been having personal/emotional trouble because I am 17 and have not dated since I just after I was 15. I have never had a kiss or a hug from a girlfriend or anything close. I simply haven't found the right one for me yet. But I want a relationship so badly. I can't hang out with any of my friends any more because I cannot stand them. I am 17 but I know htat I am more mature than my age. All of my friends still act like they just turned 15 and 16 and I feel like they are very immature. Which they are compaired to me.I also have been wanting a job, I needed a job. I can't save for any future Items like a house or car without a job and can't go out to movies without money either.

All these things really hit me at once and I was very "down" for a good week or so. It was eating me up inside.

Then one day I had the most vivid and real feeling dream I had ever experienced.
I was running through the woods, sprinting more like it. I wasn't running FROM anything or to anywhere just moving as fast as I could. Then on either side of me were wolves! I couldn't tell you there color, only that I could see their lage, canine like body with yellow eyes staring directly at mine as I passed. They stood among the trees on either side of me. Then I could hear whispers, one after another, "Mother wishes to see you". All in different tones as though different voices were saying it over and over. I knew, I just knew that it was the wolves saying it to me.

I saw a light ahead of me and I ran into it. There I found 2 different beds in an entirely white room, completely blank otherwise. I stood around looking for anything. . . just anything. Then I heard the whisper again, only one this time "Mother wishes to see you." I turened to where I came in at and a Wolf sttod in the doorway. Its head rose as high as mine, but by its body mass it was undoubtedly larger. Its coat faded from balck along its spine to white along its stomache. And it was gazing into my eyes.

The wolf spoke in the voice of a woman "Come with me Kyle" She walked next to me now facing the doorway as well. I could tell she was waiting for my next move so I began to walk and she move in sync with my steps. I was not frightened in the least. In fact I had the most intense feeling of saftey I had ever had.

She took me back out into the dark woods and it was now raining. She did not say much to me, only that "You need not worry about your troubles for now. Many of them are on their way to improving while others will still take time." I asked her her name and she told me it was Ah'Ara.
She told me that if I ever was in the need of guidence or was in any trouble at any time that I should come see her, and she will do what she can to help.

After this dream occurred I did as much research on it as possible and found out about Totemits and Spirit Animals/Guides. After learning how to contact her again I tried my best to do so and spent over an hour sitting in the woods talking with her once again. She has been helpful to me every time I ask for her guidence. I can constantly feel her presence around me and hear her voice when I'm in need.

I am losing that right no because I am in need of her guidance once again but have not seen it yet. I will go soon and talk with her again. I look forward to that day

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My spirit animal is also a wolf. I am very interested in your story, because we are very similar. I would like to read more of your experiences with Ah'Ara if you are willing to share. By the date from which you wrote this, it has been around 6 months. Do you have any updates to offer.<br />
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A bit of who I am... I am a 19 year old college student and am right now in a similar position that you were in. I feel that most of the people I am with on a daily basis at the least lack maturity and at the worst are extremely rude. I am an extremely responsible person; I made deans list (honor role), work 12-20 hours a week, am founding a club, and workout at the gym 5 days a week. Sadly, however, the people around me have no appreciation of this fact. Only a few of the dozen or so people made deans list (the ones I actually appreciate). Additionally, I am one of the two in our group to have a steady job. The others continuously complain of their lack of money/job, yet do nothing to remedy the situation.<br />
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I know I dragged on a little, but I wanted to illustrate our similarity. I also wanted to encourage you in your life. You seem to be someone who looks for more out of life than video games.<br />
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In regards to your job, don't stress about this yet. It is great that you are looking for one, but unneeded worry is not good for your well being. I recommend you follow your passion to find work. I am an avid outdoorsman, and was able to follow my passion and find a job on campus rock climbing and leading and planning backcountry trips.<br />
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Peace,<br />